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This Campaign is about the issues that matter.  There are countless issues of concern for the People of Pennsylvania.  I would like to highlight three that are of greatest concern and briefly identify how I can bring to the General Assembly knowledge and skills developed in my professional and volunteer work and immediately make a difference.  My diverse background includes two degrees in engineering; decades of work experience in engineering services, manufacturing, and quality management; and years volunteering for suicide prevention through legislative advocacy and support of survivors of loss of loved ones to suicide.


The residents of Pennsylvania need state-level cuts to education restored.  Please see the paper at this link, PASBO / PASA Report:  Third Consecutive Year of Cuts to Student Learning Opportunities As School District Finances Continue to Weaken, issued in June 2013, for a clear outline of the problems our public schools face.  State budgets are a matter of appropriate prioritization and the education of our Pennsylvania Youth must be our number one priority.  My decades of work in the business world have prepared me for thorough evaluation of these priorities and I am committed to public education for the Children of Pennsylvania.


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, I see the State Report Card for Pennsylvania from the American Society of Civil Engineers as a clear indicator of the infrastructure weaknesses that endanger the life and livelihood of all Pennsylvanians.  The Report Card link is a one-page snapshot of some of the infrastructure issues in the 2014 Report (yet to be issued for our state in whole), but the Pennsylvania Report from 2010, which includes Bridges (C), Dams and Levees (C-), Drinking Water (D+), Navigable Waterways (D+), Parks and Recreation (B-), Freight Rail (B), Roads (D-), Schools (C), Solid Waste (C-), Stormwater (D-), Transit (D-), and Wastewater (D+) are a much more thorough indicator of our heavily depleted infrastructure.  

Mental Health

When the Corbett Administration refused Medicaid Expansion for Pennsylvania, over 400,000 Pennsylvanians lost not only access to healthcare for their physical well-being; they also lost access to mental health care.  While Pennsylvania has about the national average rate of deaths by suicide (10th leading cause of death over the lifespan), both Potter and Cameron Counties have twice the national rate and several counties have over 1 ½ times the national rate of suicide deaths.  For our Youth in junior high and high school, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death.  In March, the PA House Majority Leadership refused to pass comprehensive suicide prevention legislation, which had passed unanimously in the PA Senate (HB 1559 Senate version), to require school actions to prevent suicide.  Please read this PennLive article on how this legislation was derailed in the name of ideology alone by the General Assembly's House Majority Leadership.  Adult Pennsylvanians must have full access to needed mental health care and PA Youth must have the tools to lower their risk of death by suicide.  As an experienced Advocate of suicide prevention, I am committed to this cause.

I am a Pennsylvania Resident with a history of professional employment in engineering quality management and a passionate volunteer in suicide prevention. I am a problem solver with experience in process improvement with a focus of return on investment, and as an advocate, I know how listen to and serve the People. I will move Pennsylvania forward! It is time and I am "The Right Voice for a New Time!"

I look forward to earning the opportunity to represent, YOU, the People of Pennsylvania's House District 105!


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John Hanger, Chairman
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