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My name is Kelly Jean McEntee and I am your candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, District 105, serving the townships of Lower Paxton, West Hanover, and South Hanover.

Why do I say "your candidate?"  Because like you, I am a citizen, resident of our area, a hard-working employee, and a volunteer.

  • I work outside of government, volunteer in our community and am directly connected to you, already having started programs that are having positive impact
  • My qualifications to serve in our General Assembly give me a unique perspective for all-inclusive representation
  • Currently there are few, if any engineers serving in our state government who can make informed decisions on infrastructure and quality control
  • My expertise lies in problem solving, improving processes, interfacing with people and providing practical solutions
  • We need to elect representatives who spend hands-on time addressing the real-life issues in our district and have a cohesive plan for their resolution
  • The Pennsylvania General Assembly was and still is approximately 16-17% women, and desperately needs balance and diversity
  • Qualified women in our legislature will bring a more inclusive dynamic, an improvement in informed, open communication and a willingness to work together

Few legislators have truly struggled to understand the difficulties and challenges of their constituents.  I've been there, survived, and want to serve those who are still struggling.  Pennsylvanians deserve a General Assembly composed of active citizen advocates who can identify with them, champion their causes and speak on their behalf with passion and purpose.

I will bring a work ethic to the job which will not stop until every parent can sleep at night, satisfied with the well-being of his or her child; until treatment for physical and mental illness is available for all; until I am certain that our state government is meeting your needs for safety and services in the most effective and cost efficient way possible; and until each of you can look at the Pennsylvania General Assembly and say, “Yes, I am represented there.”
My name is Kelly Jean McEntee and I would be honored to serve you as your Representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for District 105.  Let’s do this together!  



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